Corporate Law

corporate law

  • Advice on the planning and structuring of corporate and business activities for Brazilian and foreign clients interested in opening subsidiaries in Brazil.


  • Organization of companies in Brazil and abroad (Offshore Companies); organization of joint-ventures; formation of consortiums; associations; foundations; partnerships; Special Purpose Companies (“SPE”); Individual Limited Liability Company (“EIRELI”); Investment Funds, among other forms of business exploration.


  • Analysis, preparation and review of corporate documents, such as articles of association, bylaws, quotaholders’/shareholders’ agreement, minutes, etc.


  • Advice on projects for the acquisition of companies, merger, conversion, dissolution and corporate reorganization with the consequent preparation of all documents and respective registrations.


  • Registration of foreign investments with the Central Bank.


  • Representation of clients and participation in shareholders’ or partners’ meetings, and meetings of the board of directors.


  • Advice and guidance on conducts in quotaholders’ or shareholders’ meetings; meetings of the board of directors; organization and Registration of documents and corporate books.


  • Advice and guidance on negotiations for the resolution of disputes or controversies between partners or shareholders.