• Consulting and litigation with energy regulatory agencies (ANEEL [Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency] and State agencies), related agencies (ANA [National Water Agency], IBAMA [Brazilian Institute for Environment and Natural Renewable Resources], State agencies, DNPM [National Department for Mineral Production], FUNAI [Indian National Foundation], etc.), as well as any other agencies (generation, transmission, distribution or commercialization of electric power), in all stages (obtainment, construction and maintenance); including advice in respect of the environmental legislation.


  • Representation of clients in lawsuits and arbitration claims involving the commercialization of electric power and in projects for development and construction of all types of power plants.


  • Negotiation, preparation and review of contracts entered into within the scope of the electric power sector (contracts for purchase and sale of energy, interconnection agreements) and related activities.


  • Advice on the participation of agents in bidding procedures of projects and enterprises in the area of energy.


  • Corporate operations involving companies of the sector, meeting the specificities of the legislation of the sector.


  • Provision of strategic consulting services and representation in labor claims, always with an emphasis on the needs and peculiarities of the energy sector.