Oil and Gas

oil and gas

  • Consulting services on all areas of the law related to the sector, with an emphasis on corporate, contractual, tax, environmental and regulatory matters.


  • Advice on the participation in bidding procedures of ANP [Brazilian Agency for Oil, Natural Gas, and Biofuels].


  • Advice on the formation of consortiums and in the execution of contracts relating to the operation of exploration and production.


  • Representation of clients in any matters before ANP and other Brazilian government entities related to the area.


  • Advice on operations for acquisition of concessionaires, assignment of franchise rights, and related contracts.


  • Advice on the execution of supply and service agreements in different stages of the industry chain.


  • Advice to companies on the acquisition of equity interest in companies of the oil and natural gas sector, including the preparation of audit reports covering all the relevant areas, preparation of share/quota purchase agreements, shareholders’/quotaholders’ agreements, among others.


  • Follow-up of the legislation associated with the sector, in particular in regard to any possible changes in the regime for oil exploration.